Cadillac XTS

Cadillac XTS

Climate Control
Leather Seats
Heated Seats
4 passenger Luxury Sedan
DVD Player


Car Overview

Offering a refreshingly enjoyable ride with plenty of options for passenger comfort and entertainment, the Cadillac XTS is a premiere choice for discerning passengers. A roomy backseat offers plenty of room for a more relaxed ride. Adaptive suspension and an electronic stability system create a smooth, pleasant ride no matter where life takes you. The  Cadillac XTS starts smoothly and idles quietly for a serene and seamless ride. Seats are mounted a bit higher than they are on other sedan options, giving passengers better views out of the windows. Provides an old school Cadillac smooth ride experience brilliantly combined with today’s technologically advanced entertainment options.


The latest technology like a DVD player, rear seat entertainment system and on board Wi-Fi provide brilliant entertainment options to please technology lovers. Plenty of headroom, legroom and luxury are standard in the roomy Cadillac XTS, a choice that comfortably accommodates four passengers. Modern comforts are blended with extraordinary attention to detail to give passengers a supremely comfortable and enjoyable experience. There’s room to spare for suitcases as well. Safety features include a full set of airbags and child rear door safety locking capability. You’ll arrive in style every time in a Cadillac XTS.


Services Offered in This Vehicle


  •  Airport drop offs and pick-ups
  •  A Night on the Town
  •  Business Events
  •  Transportation to Concert or Sporting Events
  •  Winery Tours
  •  Brewery Tours
  •  Baby’s First Ride
  •  Casino Trips
  •  Holiday Light Viewing Tours